Re: BOGUS: megaraid changes

From: J.E.J. Bottomley (
Date: Sun Nov 10 2002 - 14:04:27 EST said:
> I've said this before, I'll say it again: anything that breaks
> _working_ is BAD. Don't do it. Don't make up new ways to screw with
> people who want to test. Don't add features that have _no_ meaning
> except to irritate people.

OK, what about the runtime warning with no requirement for a special flag to
enable attachment.

> The compile-time warning is _plenty_ good enough.

I don't necessarily agree. It's easy to miss in all the build noise (most
average users don't do make -s). And the warning isn't that fierce (it
complains about a prototype mismatch), so even if it's noticed, it might get
ignored. At least if we have a run time warning, it's in the logs for all to
see when a problem gets posted to any given mailing list.


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