Re: BOGUS: megaraid changes

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Sun Nov 10 2002 - 11:47:48 EST

On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 14:53, J.E.J. Bottomley wrote:
> > Linus - will you please stop merging plain dangerous "lets pretend we
> > never have errors" patches. I've got proper fixes for megaraid to use
> > the new_eh if you want them, but merging stuff so that people don't
> > even notice the problem is *WRONG*
> This one came in through my scsi tree. How about we fix the issue in a
> different way: I can add an option in SCSI to check for the new eh methods
> and if it doesn't find any at all, panic the system saying that this driver
> has no error handling but if you reboot with the scsi_no_error_handling option
> it won't panic again?

I dont think panic() is needed bug a loud printk and maybe an error
return from scsi_register() would do the trick. We do however have a
couple of drivers where "pray, the firmware does all the work" is the
right answer, but they really should be setting their own handler that
delays rather than aborting/resetting/kicking offline

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