Re: 2.5.45 / fb vga16fb build error

From: Ben Pfaff (
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 20:24:10 EST

James Simmons <> writes:

> > > I finished porting over the driver to the new api last night. It will be
> > > part of the next pull by Linus. I have a few more things I need done over
> > > the weekend for the new fbdev stuff.
> >
> > Was there something wrong with my patches to do the same thing
> > that have been in Alan Cox's tree for some time now?
> No, but the final api is done and struct display_switch is going away!!!
> So I had to fix the driver to work with the latest changes.

I see. I didn't realize that the API was changing again. Oh

"Now I have to go wash my mind out with soap."
--Derick Siddoway
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