pure raw eth sockets

From: Colin Burnett (cburnett@fractal.candysporks.org)
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 01:12:44 EST

I'm at a complete road block here and I appreciate any help!

I'm trying to write a packet generator that generates a packet down to the
destination/src mac address of an eth frame. However, nothing I find seems to
explain how to do this let alone if it is possible. As example (for
familiarity), implementing a RARP client (and server). I first create a socket:


After generating an entire packet (eth frame + RARP request) and sending it via
sendto, tcpdump shows that my packet was encapsulated as the data for an IP
packet. Definitely not what I want and I suspect it is because I'm passing the
PF_INET domain (it assuming IP?).

So how would I go about implement sending a RARP request (obviously I'm doing
something wrong or assuming something wrong)? Or more generally, how do I get
pure raw socket access?


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