Re: [PATCH] 2.5.46: duplicate statistics being gathered

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 00:27:08 EST

Rick Lindsley wrote:
> In addition, this patch removes disk statistics from /proc/stat since
> they are now available via sysfs and there seems to have been a general
> preference in previous discussions to "clean up" /proc/stat.

We really should do this. It's a question of timing and phasing.

The <unknown quantity of> applications out there which are reading
the disk info from /proc/stat need to be taught to go fishing in

And that's hard. /driverfs? /sys? /sysfs? /kernfs? AFAIK we don't
even have a recommended mountpoint for the thing, do we? One way
to resolve that is for the monitoring application to locate the
mountpoint by consulting /proc/mounts on startup.

So what do people think? Do we just peremptorily nuke it and let
the world catch up, or is a more organised migration possible?

Rick, I believe you've hunted down some other apps which are using this
info. sysstat, sar, mpstat, various flavours of iostat. Where do
we stand on getting those updated?

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