Re: PCI Hotplug Drivers for 2.5

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 09:52:09 EST

Greg KH wrote:
>>The SHPC specification defines it still depends on ACPI for managing
>>resources, etc. So resource management portion can be and *should be*
>>shared with all PCI hotplug drivers that use ACPI for resource
>>I think the most important thing is everyone agree on the direction
>>in which we should go before we code anything, in order not to waste
>>our time.
> I think we now all agree that resource management should move into a
> place where it can be shared by all pci hotplug drivers, right?
> If so, anyone want to propose some common code?

drivers/pci/setup* is not enough?

I am surprised that anything needed to be added here...

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