Re: 2.5.44-[mm3, ac2] time to tar zxf kernel tarball comparedforvarious fs.

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 15:44:26 EST

Steven Cole wrote:
> ...
> OK, here is the ext2 data. This was done on my /tmp partition.
> For ext2, the variation between runs was as much as between
> mm3 and ac2. This data is from the first of 4 runs as before.
> Steven
> ext2
> tar zxf linux-2.5.44.tar.gz 2.5.44-mm3 2.5.44-ac2
> user 4.17 4.16
> system 2.76 2.7
> elapsed 00:08.39 00:08.05
> % CPU 82 85

OK, so I assume what's happening here is that the entire uncompressed
kernel fits into 40% of your memory.

So we see 4 seconds user time from doing the gzip decompression
and three seconds system time; a little from reading the
tarball and most of it is creating a ton of dirty pagecache.

But most of the real cost has not been measured: getting that
dirty pagecache onto disk. It has to happen sometime...

If you include a "sync" in the timing then you'll see the
benefit from the Orlov allocator. You'll get that kernel
tree onto disk in half the time.
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