Re: 2.5 Problem Report Status

Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 04:53:31 EST

> Following is the latest version of my status report web page. It can be
> found at:
> I've seen a lot of positive feedback for Martin's proposal to create a
> bugzilla for kernel bug reports so this is likely to be my last formal
> posting on this subject. I intend to enter these as the "seed" bug
> reports for his effort, so any comment on this is welcome.

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> open 17 Oct 2002 IDE not powered down on shutdown
> 55.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

This doesn't happen on every shutdown, but randomly on about 30% of
shutdowns. Only observed with 2.5.43. Has somebody changed the order
of the flush and spindown commands to the IDE devices?

I will try 2.5.44 on the machine later today, and report

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