Re: 2.5.44: /proc/stat not reporting all disks statistics

From: Daniel Kobras (
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 03:03:20 EST

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 01:42:18AM +0200, wrote:
> I have on this system two disks, primary master and secondary master,
> hda and hdc.
> In /proc/stat
> i see just:
> disk_io: (3,0):(24382,16849,158610,7533,382512)
> so, I see 22,0 disk (hdc) is somehow missing.

By default, the kernel only collects statistics on majors 1 to 16. If
you want the disks on your second IDE channel to show up, go to
include/linux/kernel_stat.h and raise the limit DK_MAX_MAJOR to 22 or
higher. (Assuming 2.5 stats still work the same as in 2.4, that is.)


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