2.4.19 unresolved symbols

From: Ethan Joffe (ethan@toolfoundry.com)
Date: Tue Oct 22 2002 - 21:17:41 EST

I have a dual P3 box with 2Gigs RAM booting off onboard scsi, and I am
unable to get the latest v2.4.19 kernel to support the hardware fully. I
can get the kernel working if I do not have it configured for 4G support,
in which case it only sees 900Megs or so of RAM, but everything works and
boots properly.
When I config for 4Gig however, the system fails to boot, giving a bunch of
errors like the following:

/lib/ext3.0: unresolved symbol highmem_start_page
/lib/ext3.0: unresolved symbol journal_blocks_per_page_Rsmp_6082191c
/lib/ext3.0: unresolved symbol kmap_high
/lib/ext3.0: unresolved symbol journal_forget_Rsmp_678417a8
ERROR: /bin/insmod exited abnormally

I have compiled from scratch multiple times using make menuconfig, from
freshly untarred sources just downloaded from kernel.org .
All of the system.map and initrd type stuff is setup properly in the boot
dir by the 2.4.19 make files.

To restate the situation... if I boot from floppy and build the kernel with
4G support it does not work, then if I reboot from floppy and flip 4G
support off and rebuild, everything works fine except only 900Megs seen.

I am configuring to boot from onboard scsi (module sym53c8xx) , so maybe it
is related to that and/or smp support?

Any idea what this means and how I can go about getting this fixed?


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