Re: 2.5.44 compile problem: MegaRAID driver

From: Matt Domsch (
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 17:29:34 EST

> Of course, I'm personally of the opinion that people need to quite
> thinking in terms of host order anyway and let things like mount by volume
> solve this issue anyway. It's cleaner, it works regardless of the driver,
> and it puts the burden of finding the right root partition in user space
> where it's easier to fix up should things change, etc.

EDD lets the OS Installer decide on which unkissed disk it should first
put the OS loader and root partition. On kissed disks
mount-by-{fs,partitiontable}-label/uuid/whatever is great I agree. It's
the unkissed disks that really mess you up.


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