Re: ZONE_NORMAL exhaustion (dcache slab)

From: Martin J. Bligh (
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 16:16:28 EST

>> My big NUMA box went OOM over the weekend and started killing things
>> for no good reason (2.5.43-mm2). Probably running some background
>> updatedb for locate thing, not doing any real work.
>> meminfo:
> Looks like a plain dentry leak to me. Very weird.
> Did the machine recover and run normally?

Nope, kept OOMing and killing everything .
> Was it possible to force the dcache to shrink? (a cat /dev/hda1
> would do that nicely)

Well, I didn't try that, but even looking at man pages got oom killed,
so I guess not ... were you looking at the cat /dev/hda1 to fill pagecache
or something? I have 16Gb of highmem (pretty much all ununsed) so
presumably that'd fill the highmem first (pagecache?)

> Is it reproducible?

Will try again. Presumably "find /" should do it? ;-)


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