Re: 2.5 and lowmemory boxens

From: Daniel Phillips (
Date: Fri Oct 18 2002 - 16:46:43 EST

On Friday 18 October 2002 18:50, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > "Samium Gromoff" <> writes:
> > > first: i`ve successfully ran 2.5.43 on a 386sx20/4M ram notebook.
> ...
> timer.c and sched.c have significant NR_CPUS bloat problems on SMP.
> Working on that.

Oooh, yes! So 2.6 will be just fine for my smp dsl router...

Seriously, we are getting closer to the day notebooks start shipping with
multi-core processors, and it's not beyond belief that a dsl router would
benefit from this as well. I.e., super-high processing power, but hardly
any memory/flash required. Xmeta, listening? What better geek trophy than
a 4-way notebook.

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