2.5.43 disk repartitioning problems

From: Dave Olien (dmo@osdl.org)
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 12:52:05 EST


I'm working on the Mylex DAC960 device driver, bring in up to date
with the new block and dma interfaces. I've been posting patches on
occasion. I've also noticed you updating the driver when you make changes
to the gendisk kernel interfaces. Those updates are very helpful.

I've noticed in 2.4.3 at least, that some changes to disk partitions
aren't noticed until you reboot. The same problem is seen with aacraid.
I don't THINK this is a driver issue. But, I might have missed something.

I tried repartitioning two disks. On the first disk, I used fdisk
to split a single large partition into four smaller ones. Afterwards,
the first partition on that drive was still accessible. But I couldn't
access the three new partitions. I didn't test to see if the first
partition had been reduced in size. Rebooting made the new partitions

In the second case, I split an unpartitioned drive into four partitions.
None of the new partitions were accessible until I rebooted.

Is this still a work in progress, or is there some driver hook I've missed?


Dave Olien
Open Source Development Lab
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