Re: [BUG][neofb]2.5.4[0-3]

From: James Simmons (
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 11:43:21 EST

> I have a DELL Latitude CPi D233SP. With kernels from 2.5.40 to 2.5.43 using
> neofb during shutdown I get an Oops:
> Danger danger! Oopsen imminent
> MTRR setting reg 2
> This is the second time I'm reporting this, the first time I CC'ed the
> mantainer too without results. Here is the link to my previous posting:

I saw it but I was busy finsihing the fbdev changes that are about to go
in. I also have this chipset so I plan to track down the bug now that I
have finished my work.

> With the 2.4.19/20-pre-last kernels scrolling up in the console is very slow
> using the neofb driver as I've wrote in my previous posting.

What color depth? Acceleration only works for 8 and 16 bpp modes :-(

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