[PATCH] make LSM register functions GPLonly exports

From: Christoph Hellwig (hch@infradead.org)
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 09:35:05 EST

These exports have the power to change the implementations of all
syscalls and I've seen people exploiting this "feature".

Make the exports GPLonly (which some LSM folks agreed to
when it was merged initially to avoid that).

--- 1.2/security/security.c Wed Aug 28 22:52:56 2002
+++ edited/security/security.c Thu Oct 17 16:30:40 2002
@@ -241,9 +241,9 @@
         return security_ops->sys_security (id, call, args);
-EXPORT_SYMBOL (register_security);
-EXPORT_SYMBOL (unregister_security);
-EXPORT_SYMBOL (mod_reg_security);
-EXPORT_SYMBOL (mod_unreg_security);
-EXPORT_SYMBOL (capable);
-EXPORT_SYMBOL (security_ops);
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