Re: [uml-devel] Re: swap_dup/swap_free errors with 2.4.20-pre10

From: Jeff Dike (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 21:02:07 EST said:
> I had weird lockups under 2.4.20-pre9, where the system would behave
> oddly - Most commands would work, but 'ps' simply locked up and I
> couldn't Ctrl-C out of it.

I've seen this bug multiple times. Basically, something is holding a
mm_sem and not letting go. Anything that walks the process list hangs.
Ultimately, this hangs anything that's remotely useful, and you have to
crash the box.

I've seen it on my laptop several times, and it hung a UML server that we
have. UML is frequently, but not always involved.

We got a sysrq t from the UML server. I posted to lkml about it, with no
response. You can see that at

One factoid that I forgot to mention there is that when it happens on my
laptop, the disk activity light is stuck on.


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