Re: [PATCH] async poll for 2.5

From: John Gardiner Myers (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 13:29:52 EST

Charles 'Buck' Krasic wrote:

>You can argue that any API is subtly error prone.
You can also argue that the earth is flat. It's just that some
arguments have more basis than others.

>With /dev/epoll, it is perfectly feasible to write user level
>wrapper libraries that help avoid the potential pitfalls.
In other words, you don't deny the problem. Instead, you work around it
in user space.

Better to fix the API. The kernel has more information than user space
and can do a better job. In the kernel, the problem can be fixed once
and for all, not over and over again in each different wrapper library.
 It's not even as if the change would break programs correctly written
to the old API, not that we particularly care about programs written to
the old API.

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