Re: v4l2 in 2.5.x?

From: Marcus Lell (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 14:17:31 EST

>What's the status on v4l2? I thought it was supposed to go in during
>the 2.5 series. I seem to recall some stuff going in around 2.5.5ish,
>but as I recall that was just some revamping of v41. Just curious...

same question from me, too. recalling, that there were ready
patches, and feature freeze is comming. i think also, that this is
one of the substantional features to go in 2.5, 'cause it's needed
for the new bttv 0.8.x driver, the one and only (of bttv), that has
further developement. or isn't enough request?


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