Kernel reports 4 CPUS instead of 2...

From: Mark Cuss (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 12:24:51 EST

Hello all

I'm working with a new Dell Poweredge 4600 Server with Dual CPUs. However,
Linux reports that it sees 4 CPUs... I have opened the thing to see if Dell
gave me 2 extras for free, but no luck: Attached is /proc/cpuinfo.

I've tried the RedHat 8.0 stock kernel, as well as a freshly compiled 2.4.19
but both exhibit the same behavior.

The specifics on the machine:

Dual Xeon 2.2 GHz CPUs (512 k L2 cache)
2 Gigs DDR RAM
The chipset is a ServerWorks CMIC-HE (see attached lspci for complete

Has anyone else seen this behavior? The only other SMP machine I have is an
older Dell server with Dual 1 GHz coppermines, and it reports 2 CPUs...

Any information or advice is greatly appreciated...

Thanks in Advance,


Mark Cuss
Real Time Systems Analyst
CDL Systems Ltd.
Suite 230
3553 - 31 Street NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2L 2K7

Phone (403) 289-1733 extension 226

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