Re: [PATCH] do_generic_file_read / readahead adjustments

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 11:19:10 EST

David Howells wrote:
> The attached patch does the following three things:
> (1) Makes the functions in mm/readahead.c only use struct file* to pass to
> readpage(). address_mapping* and file_ra_state* are used instead to keep
> track of readahead stuff.
> (2) Adds a new function do_generic_mapping_read() that is similar to
> do_generic_file_read(), except that it uses a mapping pointer and a
> readahead state pointer to access a file. The file* is only used to pass
> to readpage().
> (3) Turns do_generic_file_read() into an inline function in linux/fs.h that
> simply wraps do_generic_mapping_read().

Seems sensible. Is there something out there which actually uses this?
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