Re: usb CF reader and 2.4.19

From: Rob van Nieuwkerk (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 10:34:00 EST

Hi Joseph,

You don't mention what USB device you are using with your compact flash.
I don't have any problems with a "SanDisk Imagemate, SDDR-31" USB
CF reader: works flawlessly.

I'm using a up-to-date Red Hat 7.3 system with Red Hat kernel 2.4.18-10.
Maybe the driver(s) for your USB and/or cardreader are buggy.

        Rob van Nieuwkerk

PS: before chosing the SDDR-31 I did some extensive web-research on the
    USB/CF readers available with Linux. I chose the SDDR-31 (which
    can be a bit hard to get nowadays) because it seemed the device
    with the least (Linux) problems.

> Is there anything I can do to flush all usb / usb storage buffers to my
> compact flash ?
> At the moment I have to rmmod usb-storage && rmmod usb-uhci && modprobe
> usb-uhci && modprobe usb-storage to ensure all data is written
> correctly, otherwise the directory structure isn't saved even after an
> unmount.
> Is there an application, function call, ioctl, .... which I can use,
> instead of the above mentioned inconvenient way ?
> Kind regards
> Joseph Wenninger
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