Re: [PATCH] Device-mapper submission 6/7

From: Anton Blanchard (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 09:38:22 EST

> AFAIK Linus and Al Viro (and myself <g>) have always considered ioctls
> an ugly -ism that should have never made it into Unix. Over and above
> the Unix/VFS design problems with ioctl(2), ioctl(2) is a pain for
> people like David Miller who must maintain 32<->64 bit ioctl translation
> layers for their architecture. ia64 and x64-64 must do this too. Each
> ioctl you add is an additional headache for them.

And ppc64 :) Lately Dave, Andi and I seem to be spending too much time
bouncing fixes around for 32/64 bit ioctl and syscall translation code.

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