Re: mapping 36 bit physical addresses into 32 bit virtual

From: Miles Bader (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 03:20:15 EST

jw schultz <> writes:
> i distinctly remember the working with the newest R400x in 1993 which
> was still 32bit. I know MIPS went to 64bit sometime not too long
> after that (mid 90's?) but by then Alpha and Sparc had beaten them to
> the punch.

You're wrong -- the R4000 was absolutely 64-bit, and was released in
1991. The 64-bit sparc was circa '93, and alpha I dunno, but I think

[note that I'm talking about chips, not software; I believe it was quite
a while before the OS stuff caught up with the 64-bit mips processors]


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