Re: Re: OT (Re: Re: The end of embedded Linux?)

Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 03:40:00 EST

> On Sat, 12 Oct 2002 wrote:
> > brilliantly this summerises every problem, theres no enter.. am i really
> > replying by attachment...?
> Yes. The output of your mail program is so bad that I'm
> seriously pondering killfiling all of, preferably
> at the SMTP level.

However bad the output of his mail program is, what is even more
irritating is the constant discussion of it on this list.

Dean, couldn't you just delete the superflous headers that it
generates when you reply? I don't personally care about the quoting

Please, everybody, read the FAQ. This is supposed to be a technical
discussion list. The odd funny comment, or discussion related to
kernel development is appropriate, but flamewars about Bitkeeper
licensing, or the mail application that somebody uses are not.

Please _don't_ post to the list just to get 'street cred', and make
yourself look like a 1337 k3rn37 h@x0r. It doesn't.

For example, I take the time to mail people who send a vague bug
report to the list and don't direct it to a particular developer, to
tell them:

* Who they should address it to
* What info they should include

I _don't_ CC the list on every one of them, just so that people will
think, "Aha! John is cool.".

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