Re: The reason to call it 3.0 is the desktop (was Re: [OT] 2.6 not 3.0 - (NUMA))

From: Hans Reiser (
Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 05:03:49 EST

Rob Landley wrote:

>I'm also looking for an "unmount --force" option that works on something
>other than NFS. Close all active filehandles (the programs using it can just
>deal with EBADF or whatever), flush the buffers to disk, and unmount. None
>of this "oh I can't do that, you have a zombie process with an open file...",
>I want "guillotine this filesystem pronto, capice?" behavior.
This sounds useful. It would be nice if umount prompted you rather than

>Of course loopback mounts would be kind of upset about this, but to be
>honest: tough. The loopback block device gives them an I/O error, and the
>filesystem should just cope. Floppies do this all the time with dust and cat
>hair and stuff...
>Of course I don't yet know 1/10 as much about the VFS as I need to, but I'm
>learning. Slowly...

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