Re: New BK License Problem?

From: Rik van Riel (
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 08:39:51 EST

On Thu, 10 Oct 2002, Pavel Machek wrote:

> 4) have widely-usable CVS replacement.

Subversion is a CVS replacement already.

Why aren't you using it, Pavel ?

> > It costs a lot of money to do what we are doing, we know exactly how
> > much, and a GPLed answer won't support those costs. We have to do
> > what
> Even if *you* stopped developping bitkeeper, there would be plenty of
> other people to develop it, into way better product.
> If you don't think GPLed bitkeeper can not be developed, then I do not
> know why you are trying to kill subversion.

Pavel, I know you want to kill bitkeeper. However, whining
isn't going to achieve that. Turning subversion into a better
tool than bitkeeper might...

I think Ben Collins already has a script to extract changesets
from the kernel tree using just CSSC as a tool. Why don't you
help him get those changesets imported into Subversion ?



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