From: Steven Dake (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 19:21:36 EST

sridhar vaidyanathan wrote:

>I am trying to debug a kernel over a remote serial console. I get
>Ignoring packet error ..
I have seen this and in my case, it had to do with printks coming over
the serial link with console redirection.

>kgdb page suggests that it might be due to the speed mismatch. i tried
>stty ispeed 9600 ospeed 9600 < /dev/ttyS0
>on the development machine and have passed serial=0,9600n8 option and
>gdbbaud=9600 via lilo to the debug kernel.
>when i run
>%stty speed
>on the development machine it still reports 38400.
>so i changed the gdbbaud and serial= values to 38400 on the test machine. even
>this doesn't work.
>any ideas?also on the development machine when i invoke
>%gdb bzImage
try gdb vmlinux. This is the uncompressed image that gdb knows how to
read. bzImage is the compressed kernel that you should boot. The
vmlinux file should match the bzImage file.

>gdb reports that bzImage is not an Executable file format and it is unable to
>recognize the format. what is the problem?
>ps: i have tried redirecting the kernel messages( without patching it with
>kgdb) over the serial line and read it with minicom . that works fine.
>please email as i am not subscribed.
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