Re: 2.5.41-mm1 panics on boot, 2.5.41-vanilla OK

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 05:49:19 EST

According to Miquel van Smoorenburg:
> According to Andrew Morton:
> > Does this fix it?
> >
> > --- 2.5.41/mm/slab.c~slab-split-10-list_for_each_fix Tue Oct 8 15:40:52 2002
> > +++ 2.5.41-akpm/mm/slab.c Tue Oct 8 15:40:52 2002
> Yes, it does fix it.
> I'll let you know if tonights expire finishes in 15 minutes
> instead of 15 hours ...

Right, last night the server crashed when running 'expire' (that's
the news server's database update/purge) without anything in the

The time it ran before that it had significantly less throughput
than 2.4.19 has.

I'd love to tinker with this some more, reproduce the crash,
finetune the throughput, but it is a production server and
I can't keep on letting it crash during the night.

Maybe I'll try once more next week, with a telnet to the
console server in a 'screen' session so I can capture the
panic. Right now I have to lay low for a while, hiding
from my collegues ;)

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