[PATCH] root kernel option with devfs

From: Per Lidén (per@fukt.bth.se)
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 17:22:05 EST

The "root=" kernel option doesn't work when used together with devfs
device names, e.g. root=/dev/discs/disc0/part1. It appears as if the
string "discs/disc0/part1" will incorrectly be interpreted as a
hex-number, which results in a kernel panic "VFS: Unable to mount root fs
on ...". This has been broken since 2.4.19.

This patch has been submitted to lkml before (don't remember by who), and
I've only been updated it to apply cleanly on 2.4.20-pre10. It would be
very nice if this problem was solved before 2.4.20 was released.


--- linux-2.4.20-pre10/init/do_mounts.c.old 2002-10-09 23:04:59.000000000 +0200
+++ linux-2.4.20-pre10/init/do_mounts.c 2002-10-09 23:50:46.000000000
@@ -258,6 +258,8 @@
                 } while (dev->name);
+ if (!(dev->name))
+ return to_kdev_t(0);
         return to_kdev_t(base + simple_strtoul(line,NULL,base?10:16));

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