Re: BK kernel commits list

From: David Woodhouse (
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 15:52:52 EST said:
> Without the info concerning the file revs being affected, it's pretty
> useless for me. I can actually just use that info and pull diffs
> locally from my repo via sccs.

We can do that. Worst case, someone needs to teach me enough sed to grok
the 'bk export -tpatch' output, find the line matching
'^# This patch contains the following deltas:$' and spew output from that
till the first line matching '^#$'. Ideally, there'll be an easier
way of getting the info from bitkeeper though.

Oh, and would anyone mind if, after feeding the mail through diffstat and
seeing zero lines of change, I aborted sending the mail?

Further criticism of the scripts will only be accepted in diff -u form
unless you have an excuse at least as good as having been told personally
by Larry that you're not allowed to use BitKeeper.
grep -q $CVSROOT ~/.cvspass || ( echo "$CVSROOT Ay=0=h<Z" >> ~/.cvspass )
cvs -d $CVSROOT co bkexport


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