Re: Writable global section?

From: Andreas Schwab (
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 11:01:42 EST

"Richard B. Johnson" <> writes:

|> Well, yes I found out.. This anomaly with the assembler.....
|> .section .data
|> .global pars
|> .type pars,@object
|> .size pars,4
|> .align 4
|> pars: .long 0
|> .end
|> I accidentally left out .size, guess what? Even though I had an
|> offset recognized and a ".long", initialized to 0, there was no
|> space allocated and therefore the seg-fault. I would have seen
|> this, but the problem doesn't exist if the ".section" is ".bss",
|> the first section I was messing with. Go figure?

I think this problem only exists on platforms with COPY relocations.


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