[PATCH][RFC][Call for Testers] Change of [const] char definitions from Kernel Janitor TODO List (Against 2.5.40)

From: Robinson Maureira Castillo (rmaureira@alumno.inacap.cl)
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 09:23:23 EST

It seems like my original post to the list went to /dev/null, since I
can't find it at http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-kernel
so here we go again.


Hi all,

I've done a first run looking for var defs in the form:

const char *foo = "blah"; and changed that for const char foo[] = "blah";

This came from the kerneljanitor TODO list, doing some tests, in x86 we get 4 less lines of asm code, since it only declares a single variable, against a static string and a pointer to that string in the *foo case.

Almost all changes were verified doing visual inspection, and trying to compile them. This is where you come in, since I don't have the hardware and/or cross-compilers to test each change I'm asking you people to test this patch and report any breakage to me, I'll wait some days for reports before start sending the changes to the respective maintainers

Patch is against 2.5.40, and it's located at: <http://alumno.inacap.cl/~rmaureira/kernel/chardef.diff>

Best regards -- Robinson Maureira Castillo Asesor DAI INACAP

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