Re: Status of UDF CD packet writing?

From: lell02 (
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 06:37:22 EST

>On Tue, Oct 08 2002, lell02 wrote:
>> hi,
>> >Will Jens Axboes patch for CD packet writing for CD-R/RW make it in
>> >before the feature freeze? I know Jens Axboe is busy with more basic I/O
>> >stuff, but i sincerely hope it can be squeezed in before 2.6/3.0 is
>> >released.
>> jens stated on this about 1-2 days ago. he said, it would be little
>> modification on the ide-cdrom, to make it work with cd-mrw/ packet
>> writing. so it could go in after the feature freeze.
>You might be talking about two different patches -- one for cd-rw
>support (this is the pktcdvd (or -packet) patch that Peter Osterlund has
>been maintaining) and the other for cd-mrw. The cd-mrw patch is very
>small, not a lot is required to support that in the cd driver.
>Supporting cd-rw is a lot harder, basically you have to do in software
>what cd-mrw does in hardware (defect management, read-modify-write
>packet gathering, etc).
>cd-mrw will definitely be in 2.6. cd-rw support maybe, I haven't even
>looked at that lately.

thanx for clearing out these differences.

but, isn't cd-mrw supposed to replace the old packet-writing technique?
so, in the end, there wouldn't be any need for packet-writing, if every burner
ships with cd-mrw-support... i read in the "specs", that the technology would
be much better.

Marcus Lell

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