linux kernel conf 0.8

From: Roman Zippel (
Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 19:40:43 EST


At you can find the latest version of
the new config system.

As already mentioned before lkc is pretty much ready (except for kbuild
Linus, do you have any interest in merging it in the near future? If
not, what's missing?
The 2.5.40 release showed again, how bad three different parsers are, so
I think it's important to fix this finally for 2.6.

Changes this time:
- update to 2.5.41
- better error handling
- I introduced a few automaticly defined symbols (currently ARCH,
KERNELRELEASE, UNAME_RELEASE), which are currently only used for the
default location of the default config (e.g.
"/boot/config-$UNAME_RELEASE" or "arch/$ARCH/defconfig"), which are
currently still hardcoded, but could later be moved into Build.conf.
- more fine tuning
- I had to use my own Makefile again (Rules.make is slowly driving me

bye, Roman
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