Clock drift & other weirdness with an Inspirion 8100

From: Ian Eure (
Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 16:53:48 EST

I have a relatively new Dell Inspiron 8100 which is exhibiting some strange
symptoms. Firstly, there is massive clock drift. The system clock seems to
run too slow, losing several hours a day.

Secondly, I can't seem to play any video on it. Both mplayer and xine lose 3-5
frames every 45 seconds or so. Xine shows this semi-helpful output:

-- snip --
200 frames delivered, 0 frames skipped, 0 frames discarded
audio_out: adjusting master clock 1093958 -> 1105016
video_out : throwing away image with pts 1096023 because it's too old (diff :
16 > 1501).
video_out : throwing away image with pts 1099026 because it's too old (diff :
13 > 1501).
video_out : throwing away image with pts 1102029 because it's too old (diff :
10 > 1501).
200 frames delivered, 0 frames skipped, 3 frames discarded
-- snip --

The line about 'adjusting master clock' would seem to indicate that there is
some disparity with the timing that is causing frames to be dropped. This is
not a problem with the player, since both mplayer and xine play the same
files on a slower system just fine.

I've disabled power management & SpeedStep in the BIOS, to no avail. Does
anyone have a clue what's wrong here?

Please CC on replies, since I'm not subscribed, and I can't seem to locate a
place to put a Mail-Followup-To header in KMail.

"das ist liebe, das ist hass / mit eifersucht vermahlen"

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