Possible bug with Via VT8235 alsa sound driver

From: David Ashley (dash@xdr.com)
Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 13:59:39 EST

Please cc me on replies.

I'm running 2.5.40 with a via CLE motherboard with VT8235 southbridge
chip. The alsa driver for 8233 (sound/pci/via8233.c) seems to work fine,
meaning the sound output works as expected. I get lots of kernel messages
like below. A very simple program reproduces the problem:
#include <fcntl.h>

int main(int argc,char **argv)
int dsp;
        close(dsp); // After this we get the kernel errors

The following repeats dozens and perhaps hundreds of times. I've worked out
from an objdump -d of vmlinux what the functions in the call stack are, and
their addresses.

Jan 19 13:15:44 test kernel: bad: scheduling while atomic!
Jan 19 13:15:44 test kernel: c5f01bcc c011175e c029d300 000003d9 c0241d9a 00000000 c5f01bfc 0003fbb0
Jan 19 13:15:44 test kernel: 00000026 c118b800 c011d7ae c5f01bfc c035fa10 c035fa10 0003fbb0 c6265920
Jan 19 13:15:44 test kernel: c011d710 c035f480 0003fbaf c5f00000 0003fbaf c5f00000 c02459b9 0200b800
Jan 19 13:15:44 test kernel: Call Trace:
 [<c011175e>] schedule = 111720
 [<c0241d9a>] snd_via8233_codec_ready=241d80
 [<c011d7ae>] schedule_timeout=11d720
 [<c011d710>] process_timeout = 11d710
 [<c02459b9>] snd_ac97_set_rate=245830
 [<c0242359>] snd_via8233_playback_prepare=242330
 [<c0233617>] snd_pcm_prepare=233570
 [<c0235095>] snd_pcm_common_ioctl1=234ec0
 [<c02354b2>] snd_pcm_playback_ioctl1=235160
 [<c0235867>] snd_pcm_kernel_playback_ioctl=235840
 [<c02294d5>] snd_pcm_oss_prepare=2294c0
 [<c0229536>] snd_pcm_oss_make_ready=229500
 [<c0229ccb>] snd_pcm_oss_sync=229cb0
 [<c013c12e>] chrdev_open=13c0d0
 [<c013a74c>] dentry_open=13a74c
 [<c022aeeb>] snd_pcm_oss_release=22aed0
 [<c013c52b>] __fput=13c500
 [<c013ab33>] filp_close=13aa90
 [<c013aba1>] sys_close=13ab40
 [<c0108e57>] syscall_call=108e50

Here are the configs related to sound:
All other sound related configs are unset.

I'm happy to run experiments of someone has any suggestions of what to try.


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