Re: vpath broken in 2.5.41

From: Kai Germaschewski (
Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 09:35:56 EST

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Keith Owens wrote:

> >On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, John Levon wrote:
> >> I see vpath seems to have become broken in 2.5.41 build.
> >> How now can I build the oprofile.o target from two directories ?
> This is one of the problems that kbuild 2.5 was designed to handle, to
> cope with modules built from code in multiple directories. I support
> what the developer wants to do, not restrict the developer to what the
> kernel build can handle.

So would you mind telling me what arch/i386/drivers/ would
look like for a module which is built from sources in arch/i386/drivers
and drivers/oprofile ?

(And no, I won't get into another general kbuild-2.5 flamewar, just in
case this should start one again).


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