Re: Re: The reason to call it 3.0 is the desktop (was Re: [OT] 2.6 not 3.0 - (NUMA))

Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 08:27:36 EST

> > Do you think it would be better to make the defragmentation part of
> > the normal operation of the FS rather than a seperate application. For
> > example, if you did a fragmentation check/fix on the last close of a file
> > you would know that coherency issues were not going to be important. It
> > might also give you some way to determine which files were important to
> > keep close together.

> sounds good, could a space wiper be made for secret
> agencies/buisness throwing away old hdds?

They can just do:

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda

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