Re: [QUESTION] Is 2.5.41 useable?

Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 06:41:38 EST

> > > Is 2.5.41 useable, i.e. will it mostly work without Oopsing or crashing?
> >
> > It is way too soon for anybody to be able to say - it's only been released
> > for a day!
> Hmmm. Perhaps I should have asked the question, "Does 2.5.41 contain any code
> that would be likely to impact performance or stability?"

Well, you should definitely grab the latest Procps, as Linus pointed
out, otherwise things like top will misbehave with 2.5.41. 2.5.40 is
fine, though.

> > I can tell you, though, that I used 2.5.40 on three machines since the day it
> > was released without a single oops or crash.
> Excellent. I'll try 2.5.40 first.

If you have any problems with 2.5.40 or 2.5.41 just post them to the
list :-).

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