Re: [BENCHMARK] contest 0.50 results to date

From: Paolo Ciarrocchi (
Date: Sat Oct 05 2002 - 14:28:03 EST

From: Andrew Morton <>
> I think I'm going to have to be reminded what "Loads" and "LCPU"
> mean, please.
>From an email of Con:
The "loads" variable presented is an internal number (the absolute value is not important) and makes comparisons easier. The LCPU% is the cpu%
the load used while running.
Note if you look for example at process_load the CPU% + LCPU% can be >100 because the load runs for longer than the kernel compile.
However, this has been accounted for in the "loads" result, to take into account the variable extra duration the load runs relative to the kernel compile. "

> What is "2.4.19-0.24pre4"?
My fault ;-(
2.4.19-0.24pre4 is a compressed cache kernel.


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