Virtual Serial Driver

From: Alex Kotov (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 21:41:18 EST

Good day!

Our company ( ) offers software for developers -
"Virtual Serial Driver". If you are dealing with development
in area of serial streams our new product can help you in your work.

Virtual Serial Driver is appointed for emulation of one, two
or more (up to 200) serial streams. Hardware devices are not necessary.
This product is based on Windows XP DDK and doesn’t require using
devices of other manufacturers. The whole product is created
with the help of Microsoft tools.
Virtual Serial Driver realizes full emulation of Serial Port functions,
connected with each other with the help of NULL-MODEM or full cable,
including DTR, CTS, DSR, RTS.
Virtual Serial Driver can be interesting for software (Windows
Platforms) developers, who use external devices connected with computer
by serial port. Also, it will be interesting for developers
of the products appointed for connection of two or more computers
through serial ports.

More details and free demo version (only 28 kb) available at

Also if you are or know somebody who may be interested in such software
just let us know and you can earn 20% comission from each sold copy
as our reseller.

Alex Kotov
AlarIT Inc.
Products manager
Telephone: +380-61-234-8109
Telephone-fax: +380-61-234-5457

P.S. our team of 120 full time programmers can develop any individual
solution for you for fee 10 USD per hour. For more information
take a look at

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