Re: Hyperthreading Options in 2.4.19

From: J.A. Magallon (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 17:36:36 EST

On 2002.08.07 "Reed, Timothy A" wrote:
>Hello All,
> I am going rounds with a sub-contractor of ours about what options
>should and should not be compiled into the kernel in order for
>Hyperthreading to work. Can anyone make any suggestions and comments to the
>options (below) that I am planning on enforcing:

I thikn none is needed for ht. Of course, mtrr raises performance.
The other are not needed, afaik.

> Lilo.conf : acpismp=force??

True for old kernels, not needed anymore.

> Are the following worth any thing of value to Hyperthreading:
> Microcode


In summary, with 2.4.19 you do not have to do nothing to have hyperthreading.
Other useful options are 'noht' to disable ht, and 'idle=poll', that I think
improves latency.


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