RE: O_SYNC option doesn't work (2.4.18-3)

From: Trond Myklebust (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 14:38:01 EST

>>>>> " " == Gregory Giguashvili <> writes:

> File locking, meaning lockd? There are so many problems with
> file locking in heterogeneous environments that we were moving
> towards dropping its usage. Instead, we planned to use some
> home grown TCP based lock server mechanism.

> I understand that locking file flushes NFS cache, isn't it? Why
> can't it be flushed by O_SYNC and "sync" options presence? This
> would make the life much easier for programmers...

Tough. The above is not part of the O_SYNC spec on any platform and I
have no intention of implementing it.

The sort of thing you would like to do will be possible with O_DIRECT
(which is a design to allow user programs to manage their own
caches). That has yet to be integrated into the standard kernel

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