Re: Why 'mrproper'?

From: DevilKin (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 08:58:51 EST

On Wednesday 07 August 2002 15:18, Chris Chabot wrote:
> It was named such at the time, as a 'cleaning agent' comparible to 'Mr
> Muscle', etc.. Thus mrproper _realy_ cleans the kernel tree ;-)

LOL. And to add to this, here in Belgium where I live, we have a product that
is actually called 'Mr. Proper' and it is a cleaning agent.


Oh, when I was in love with you,
	Then I was clean and brave,
And miles around the wonder grew
	How well did I behave.

And now the fancy passes by, And nothing will remain, And miles around they'll say that I Am quite myself again. -- A. E. Housman

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