Re: PROBLEM: kernel BUG at page_alloc.c:117!

From: Adam Kropelin (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 08:47:08 EST

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 03:09:08PM +0200, Sergio Avila wrote:
> kernel BUG at page_alloc.c:117!
> Aug 7 06:02:30 lordvaider kernel: EIP: 0010:[<c0131107>] Tainted: P
> NVdriver 1022272 10 (autoclean)

I'll play Alan for a moment...

Repeat after a cold boot having never loaded the NVidia driver. If you can do so,
repost the results here. Otherwise, contact NVidia since we cannot debug their
closed source driver.


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