Re: 64bit clean drivers was Re: Linux 2.4.20-pre1

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 06:51:48 EST

> > Thats a packaging issue for distributed prebuilt kernel trees. Also crashes
> > are the only way you are going to find out what needs fixing, who wants to
> > fix it and the like
> I disagree. In my opinion such low standards on the kernel configuration
> are not acceptable. Things that 100% will not work should not be
> visible.

Time to chmod 0 the v2.5 directory.

In a perfect would I'd be able to have config_experimental let me pick all
the stuff not tested on x86_64. To do that sanely we have to fix the
configuration language otherwise it will just never be maintainable and
we will spend the rest of 2.4 haunted by "Why has xyz vanished on Alpha
in 2.4.21"
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