lost interrupt and inb()

From: Ana Yuseepi (anayuseepi@asia.com)
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 03:41:33 EST

hello all,
i tried to made a program in the form of a module. This program would attempt to read/poll status register of IDE until the value for the status register is 0x50.
here is the algorithm:
 this program would run fine, but after the program is finished executing, it would display a message:
 ide_dmaproc: chipset supported ide_dma_lostirq func only: 13
 hdc: lost interrupt
the OS doesn't hang. because normal operation would resume after this program exit.
 OS=linux 7.3, kernel=2.4.18-3
my question is:
how can i solve this error such that the error message would not appear anymore?
i have lots of other questions, but that of the above is the most important..
hope to hear your reply,

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