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From: Richard B. Johnson (
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 20:42:18 EST

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Tim Hockin wrote:

> > If you ever sell a controller that contains an address that was
> > not allocated to the 'producer', somebody is going to get very
> > angry. This means, to me, that if you ever write a new MAC address
> > to that card/board, you had better throw it away when you are done.
> As a developer of integrated systems, it is imperative the we be able to
> re-program EEPROMs and MAC addresses. Cobalt systems all have Cobalt as
> the MFR section of the MAC address. Sun Systems all have Sun. (insert pokes
> about whether Cobalt is Sun here...)
> > It's easier to make sure that the MAC address doesn't get changed.
> > You still "screw the comittee" locally, but you don't modify the
> > hardware.
> Other things get stored in the EEPROM - for example, Wake-on-Lan options.
> Just to name one.
If you really are what you say you are, then you know that you
cannot use a MAC address that has not been assigned to your

And, as a developer or "integrated systems", I do program MAC
addresses into AMD PCnet32 SEEPROMS and I do have a batch of
MAC addresses assigned to Analogic and I do known what I am
talking about.

The Linux pcnet32 driver does not have this capability so I
had to add that capability for our purposes. I would not
advise putting such a driver in the standard kernel.

Dick Johnson
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