multiple connect on a socket

From: Vasisht Tadigotla (
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 20:26:27 EST


i'm doing the following steps,

1. open a socket on some remote server
2. set it to be non-blocking
3. connect to that socket
4. do a select on the socket
5. read from the socket
6. connect to the socket again
7. read from the socket

and as expected a EINPROGRESS error is thrown on step 3. After I do a
select() and read from that socket, I try to connect to it again and it
connects without throwing an EISCONN error in linux, though if I try to
read from it it throws a EAGAIN error. Shouldn't it throw an error when I
try to connect to it a second time ? Am I missing something here.


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